Tuesday, 7 February 2012


 Today started off not too good as I was taking an exam and was very nervous as I hadn't taken one in so many years went to work then off we went to the exam venue left Bedfordshire at 10.30am arrived in London around 12 o clock but as the traffic is hectic at that time of day took us nearly another hour to get to the exam venue.
Once there nerves were kicking in wanted to turn around and leave but as we had already signed in this was not an option. Exam started at 1.30pm and I am telling you that was the fastest hour ever when the examiner said 20 minutes left I thought say what where did that time go????

Anyway its over now so no more studying in the evenings and at the weekend. Got back to work and the day what was left of it got worse but hey some days are like that things do not always go according to our plan but it does help us to reflect and realise that if everything did go to plan what would we be thankful for and would we really appreciate things when they turned out right so sometimes having an off day is not so bad but it does take time to feel that way.

And as they say tomorrow is another day or is it................................

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The streets of New York City

Welcome to my Blog

Well I thought I would give this blogging a go and see what stories I can tell so watch this space and more will follow.